How to Blog More Efficiently

As a blogger or a marketer blogging for a business, you know that you have to keep pushing out engaging posts to keep your readers happy. But the process of coming up with new ideas, doing research, writing blog posts and creating featured images is time-consuming.

According to HubSpot, most marketers take 1-2 hours to write a 500-word blog post. If you’re new to blogging, that might seem like the speed of lightning to you. Luckily, with a few tricks and a bit of practice, you can get there.

Want to write more, in less time? Check out these five blogging tips that will save you time.

1. Create a content calendar.

Instead of coming up with new blog posts ideas on the spot, create a content calendar. A content calendar allows you to come up with blog topic ideas ahead of time and use it as a guide when writing new articles. For instance, you can spend a few hours at the beginning of the month to plan out your blog posts for the rest of the month. That way, when you sit down to write a new post, you already have a topic set out for yourself.

You can use several tools to easily create a content calendar, such as Google Docs or Sheets, or any calendar app of your choosing. If you’re running your blog on WordPress, you could use a free plugin like Editorial Calendar.

2. Set up alerts.

To be a successful blogger and write accurate, helpful posts for your readers, you need to stay on top of the latest trends and news. Plus, for many blog posts you write, you need to do some research to ensure the information you’re providing is detailed and timely. But research can take time. Luckily, you can speed up the research process and have more time for writing by setting up Google Alerts.

For example, if you blog about health and fitness, you can set up a Google Alert for “fitness news” or “fitness trends.” Then, Google will email you reports that contain all the new stories that have been posted on the web containing those phrases. You can set up as many Google Alerts as you want, and even get specific by setting up alerts for a product or particular person.  

3. Write an outline first.

Next, to speed up the blog writing process, be sure to always write an outline first. Having an outline will speed up the process of writing and make you more productive, because you’ll know what you need to write before you write it.

To create an outline, break your blog post down into manageable chunks. For example …

    Come up with your headings – your main points of the post – and write notes for what you’ll include in each section. Instead of sitting around, wondering what you’re going to write, you can use your outline as a guide. This will speed up the writing process dramatically.

    4. Eliminate distractions.

    Most bloggers experience numerous distractions while writing. While I can’t help you if your kids want attention or the neighbor is knocking at the door, there are some ways you can eliminate other distractions. For instance, do you find yourself checking Twitter or Instagram while you’re writing? If you do, that’s slowing you down.

    To eliminate those distractions, use a tool like Ommwriter. Ommwriter is a distraction-free writing tool that helps you concentrate. The program opens up in full-screen mode so that you can’t be distracted by other tabs. It also offers natural backgrounds, audio tracks and sound when typing to inspire you and help you focus.

    5. Automate email marketing.

    As a blogger, letting your loyal subscribers know you’ve published a new blog post is almost as important as writing the blog post itself. You want to get as many eyes on your new post as possible – and fast. How do you do it? The answer is to automate your email marketing.

    Now, you previously might have spent time crafting an email to send to your subscribers to announce your new post every single time one came out. But that takes up too much time, precious time you could be spending on something else. Instead, let your email marketing service do it for you automatically. Many email marketing services offer a feature like RSS-to-email, which will automatically send an eye-catching email to your subscribers to let them know you published something new.

    Blog more, in less time.

    With these blogging tips that will save you time, you’ll be able to write more than ever before. Your readers will be ecstatic at the rate at which you publish high-quality, entertaining articles. Plus, the more blog posts you put out there, the more activity you’ll see on your blog.

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