5 Ways to Create Effective Job Postings

Job seekers aren’t limited to the local classified section anymore. Today, they can go to numerous places online to apply for the job of their dreams. Although this is convenient for job seekers, it creates a problem for your business. With so many job postings floating around the web, it’s hard to get noticed.

You need to entice job seekers with a standout career opportunity that makes them want to apply to your company over the rest. Here are some easy ways to improve your job posting.

1. Show some personality.

One way to connect with job seekers is to highlight your company culture. For instance, if your company is full of dog lovers and you have Bring Your Dog to Work Day once a month, talk about it in your job posting. It might not seem important to include, but it can attract candidates who appreciate such perks to work for your company. Share your company values and beliefs as well. Not only will it make your job post stand out, but it will help you attract like-minded candidates who will fit in with your team.

2. Add images and video.

Job seekers get tired of reading the same old boring job postings, which are typically walls of text. Adding images and video to your job posting will keep potential applicants engaged and pique their interest in your company. Here are some examples of what you could share:

  1. Photos of your team to give applicants an idea of who they’ll be working with
  2. Images of the products you’re proud of creating
  3. A video of a product demonstration
  4. A virtual tour of your cool office space

3. Include a detailed job description.

People want to know what they’ll be doing and what’s expected of them before taking the time to fill out your job application. Vague job postings deter candidates from applying to the position. In fact, according to a recent report, job descriptions are the most important job-related content that candidates look for when researching a job, and they also improve the candidate experience.

A detailed job description includes the following elements:

  1. Job title
  2. Role summary
  3. Qualifications and skills required
  4. Job duties and responsibilities
  5. Special demands (such as travel or the ability to lift heavy objects)

Consider adding the salary to the job description as well so that candidates have a clear idea of what to expect.


4. Make it mobile friendly.

As of 2016, 78% of millennials used mobile devices to find jobs, as did 73% of Gen Zers and 57% of baby boomers. If your job posting isn’t mobile friendly, you risk losing out on applicants who favor job postings they can view on any device.

First, of course, make sure your website is mobile friendly, and before you add your post to a job listing site, make sure it offers a clean, mobile-friendly experience as well. You should keep titles short (under 50 characters) so they don’t get cut off, break up paragraphs with white space, and make sure applicants can upload and submit their resume right from their devices.

5. Share it on social media.

You might have thought that social media wouldn’t be an appropriate place to find candidates for your company, but you’d be wrong. Many big companies are turning to social media platforms like Twitter to attract quality candidates. Companies like Disney even have separate Twitter accounts for their job openings.

When you share career opportunities on social media, take advantage of relevant hashtags to widen the reach of your post. For instance, adding the hashtag “remote jobs” is one way to get your post seen by the hordes of job seekers who are interested in working remotely.

Put an end to boring job postings that don’t attract the star candidates you’re looking for. Instead, use these tips to make your career opportunities stand out from the crowd. Your job post will get clicked on and read many times over, and you’ll receive more applications from quality job seekers.

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