Use Video to Document Your Next Company Event

By 2020, online videos will make up more than 80% of consumer internet traffic, according to Cisco. This is just one of the reasons why providing video coverage of your event is important for your business.

Consider these five reasons you should be documenting your event through video.

1. Increase your reach.

You want to reach an audience in a way that engages them. If you give your event special status with video coverage, it can help you win customers, as it allows them to experience your event firsthand – and make them feel like they haven’t entirely missed out. With 2.23 billion monthly active users on Facebook, you have a huge available audience at your fingertips.

2. Promote your business without over-promoting.

Video lets you showcase your event and business without being pugnacious. Your videoed event can be used to advertise the next event, encouraging people to purchase tickets. If your videos are bright and colorful with smiling attendees, you are showing potential customers that your events are enjoyable and engaging without being self-centered and pushy. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, so consider showcasing your event on YouTube. Not everyone wants to view a drawn-out video, so think about uploading edited sections of the initial video, such as the highlights – perhaps a welcome speech and snippets from sponsor exhibits. Share these snippets through your social channels and emails to potential clients referencing your posts. That way, prospective customers will become familiar with your business and its values, and you will build positive relationships without coming across as a pushy salesman.

3. Leverage your brand.

You can use the video of your event to advertise your brand. Video demands to be watched. According to Deloitte, video content is akin to entertainment, and Australians in particular can’t get enough entertainment. Watching video is on par with browsing the internet for many people. You want to impress your customers and give them something they need or want. An entertaining and inspirational video of your event engages your audience, giving them the experience of who you are and what you do as a brand. It will provide them with a lasting impression of your company’s values. A study released by Brightcove revealed that 46% of consumers said they made purchases after watching a branded video on social media, while 79% of the participants confirmed that the easiest way to get acquainted with a brand was to watch videos on social media. It is not difficult to see why posting your videos on social media can spill over into brand awareness and a positive reputation.

4. Increase customer conversion.

Video coverage of your event will convert more customers. By using video to promote future events, you are illustrating why potential customers should attend. You can send the video coverage to clients who didn’t turn up, showing them what they missed out on. Video provides better tracking opportunities than text content does. With analysis tools, you can measure click-through rate, drop-off, how many people share it and how often your video is viewed in full. Respective of click-through rates, research shows that video users see 27% higher click-through rates and 35% higher internet conversion rates. Of course, your video will need to be entertaining and engaging.That’s not all – having a video on your website improves SEO (search engine optimization) and your chances of being on the front page of Google search results. It also increases ‘dwell time,’ which translates to Google recognizing your video and page as something of value. The more dwell time your website or video has, the higher your pages will rank on Google. According to Martech Zone, a high-quality video can increase your chances of featuring on the front page of Google by as much as 53 times.

5. Highlight your sponsors.

Numerous sponsors have likely assisted you in bringing all the components of your event together. By publicly announcing your gratitude toward them, you are highlighting their benefits and demonstrating that you do not consider them to be inferior participants at the conference. This will build trust with not only your attendees but online viewers, potentially increasing the number of registrations for future events. Sponsors can also benefit from your videoed event. Not only will their brand perception increase, but by gaining media exposure, they have the opportunity to generate image awareness. The key to brand awareness is familiarity, so the more sponsors’ brands are associated with positive events, the stronger their brands will be.

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