How to Use Twitter Video to Attract the Right Followers

Twitter has quickly become a popular tool for businesses looking to increase brand awareness. However, to get the most out of the popular social network, you shouldincorporate videos into your tweets.

Tweets with video attract 10 times as many engagements compared to tweets without video. The key to using video in your tweets is making sure the content is being seen by the right audience. You want to make sure your audience will appreciate the video, because if they do you have a greater chance of turning them into loyal, paying customers.

Here are three ways you can use video content on Twitter to attract your target audience.

1. Go live

Like most social platforms, Twitter gives users the option to go live so their audience can view them in real time. This is one of the best ways to increase user engagement. When posting live video, people can leave comments and interact with the host of the live stream. A Livestream survey found that 82% of users prefer live video to regular social media posts. 

With live streaming, the possibilities for your business are endless. People like to view content as it’s happening because it creates a personalized experience and makes the interaction feel less like it’s between a business and customers and more like a friendly chat. It’s easier for users to gauge if your brand is for them through a live stream because it’s raw, unedited footage.

Use this opportunity to explain your products, live stream an event, or host a Q&A. The more your audience is familiarized with your brand, the more likely they are to move further down the conversion funnel and become paying customers.

2. Showcase new products.

Sometimes it simply isn’t satisfying enough for consumers to look at photos of products online. You can’t properly gauge every angle, nor discuss in-depth how it benefits your target market and brings solutions to their problems. Providing video gives your audience a clearer view of the product and how it works so they can see if it fits into their lifestyle and caters to their needs.

When you create a Twitter post trying to sell your content, adding video will take you a long way. According to Twitter, 82% of users watch video content. This is a clear sign that using multimedia will go a long way toward helping you reach your audience.

The goal with showcasing products both old and new is to get users to take some sort of action, whether that’s following your Twitter account, heading back to your website to check out more content, or signing up for your email list. It’s always wise to demonstrate your products to users so they feel they can trust you as a brand and rely on your credibility.

3. Keep it mobile friendly

Twitter data found that 93% of video views happen on a mobile device. If you aren’t optimizing for non-desktop users, you aren’t catering to nearly an entire audience that consumes video. And if you aren’t catering to 93% of users, there’s no way you’ll be able to attract the right followers.

Always optimize your video content for mobile. Add subtitles to your videos so everyone has the ability to watch and understand what they’re seeing. Videos including text are 11 times more likely to be viewed and generate 28% higher completion rates. If your videos include text, it’ll increase your engagement rates leading to new followers you know actually enjoy your content.

Additionally, be sure your videos look good on mobile devices and have the right sizing and proportions that aren’t distorted.

It can be tricky trying to figure out how to use video on Twitter to attract the right followers if you’ve never had a strategy to do so. However, it’s not impossible. By keeping your audience at the forefront of your mission and making it about catering to their needs, you’re already one step ahead of your competitors.

Make sure to optimize your video content for mobile so all users can enjoy what you put out. Use video to tease upcoming products or show off ones already on sale and be sure to take advantage of Twitter live video to connect with your audience on a personal level and show them what your brand is really about.

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