Use Instagram to Boost Your Email Subscribers

Social media is a valuable tool that provides businesses with much more than just increased brand awareness. One of the most popular social networking sites for businesses today is Instagram. While the photo- and video-sharing app has given businesses an excellent outlet to promote themselves, it is also an excellent tool to help other marketing strategies.

Instagram, when used in alignment with your goals, can significantly boost your business efforts by driving traffic to your website, improving lead generation and furthering your reach. One specific strategy businesses should be employing is to use Instagram to help build their email subscriber list.

With 1 billion active monthly users on Instagram, your target audience is just waiting to discover your brand and everything it offers. Instagram continues to grow in popularity year after year, with more than 25 million established business profiles, sometimes making it feel hopeless to try to build your email list in the midst of all the competition. With the right strategy, however, you’ll be more than able to do so.

Here are a few ways you can boost your email subscribers using Instagram.

1. Create an enticing offer.

It’s essential to consider how you can use every piece of your profile to cater to your audience and give them valuable content they actually want. To do so, you must first create an offer that catches their attention. You need to figure out what your audience wants, what interests them and how to answer their most pressing questions.

There are several ways to figure out what your audience needs. You can send out a survey or questionnaire asking people what they want more of or use social media to see what your target market currently needs. Create buyer personas of your ideal customers that outline important details about their demographics, buying behaviors, pressing issues and more.

Once you have this information, you can start creating an irresistible offer your audience can’t resist, also called a lead magnet. This could be an e-book, cheat sheet, mini-course, a list of resources, you name it. Once you’ve created your offer, link to it in your profile, as well as in a few posts to get the most traction.

2. Add CTAs to your bio.

You can’t afford to ignore your Instagram bio if you want to expand your business and boost your reach. The best way to guide users to take the actions you want them to is by inserting calls to action in your bio. This is the first thing people see when they click on your profile. They want to know about a brand they could potentially invest in and what it can offer them. If your bio doesn’t give them this information, they’ll bounce right off the page.

You’ve already created an enticing lead magnet for users, so use that to your advantage by creating a CTA and placing it in your bio. You have to make sure you optimize it for the best chance of conversions, because if your audience doesn’t feel like the click is worth their time, you’ve just lost out on a potential email subscriber.

Make your CTA clear and concise, and be sure to explain the benefits users will get by clicking on it. Using emojis right before the link to the offer makes the CTA stand out, such as the arrow emoji used to emphasize the link.

3. Promote in your stories.

According to Statista, there are more than 500 million daily Instagram Stories users around the globe, meaning they’re a valuable tool to grow your business. With that much traffic going toward stories, it would be a waste to ignore this aspect of Instagram and not implement it into your strategy to collect users’ emails.

Instagram has a swipe-up option you can add to your stories. This is where you insert a link directly into your story so that, when users swipe up, they’re taken to whatever webpage you’ve linked to. It’s essentially a built-in CTA. Use this feature to link to your landing page, with an option ready to capture email addresses so you can build your email list.

With so many active business accounts on Instagram, it can be intimidating to think about using the platform to grow your business. However, there’s more than enough potential for you to expand your list of email subscribers and customers. Be sure to have an enticing offer your audience will love, implement CTAs into your profile, and take advantage of Instagram Stories to promote your content. 

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