The Top Amazon Prime Day Deals for Small Business

Take advantage of Prime Day with these 12 deals.

Are you ready? Amazon Prime Day, which is really two days, starts on Monday, July 15, and anticipation for the 48-hour event is ramping up. Bargain shoppers across the globe look forward to the event, which features hundreds of thousands of different sales in its two-day duration.

While some people picture consumers buying products for personal use on Amazon Prime Day, small businesses can benefit from the discounts as well. If your business needs an Amazon device, or any other business product for that matter, consider taking advantage of the potential savings by buying the item on Prime Day. With so many different sales and discounts available, it’s important that businesses know the basics of Amazon Prime Day.

For those unaware of what Amazon Prime Day is, here’s a quick refresher:

  1. Prime Day is a day when Amazon Prime members are offered special discounts on an assortment of items on the site.
  2. Amazon Prime Day will take place on July 15 and 16, 2019.
  3. The day’s popularity has put it in the conversation with other major sales days, including Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
  4. Participating in Prime Day requires an Amazon Prime membership, although users can sign up for a free 30-day trial to participate in Prime Day without paying for the full membership

If you’re unsure where to start looking on Amazon Prime Day, we’ve compiled a list with 12 of the best Amazon Prime Day deals for small businesses.

NEWYES Smartpen

If you prefer handwritten notes but want that data available on your technological devices, the NEWYES Smartpen is an affordable ($129) way to get exactly that. The pen uses a built-in camera to capture the exact location of everything you’re drawing. Those notes and images then transfer to the NEWYES app.

Any small business owners who enjoy taking handwritten notes can benefit from their notes and drawings immediately syncing up with an app. This pen’s benefit is especially noticeable if you’re drawing out a design or planning out an event. It’s often easier to draw on paper than it is to draw on a tablet or computer, and this pen allows you to draw on paper while still viewing drawings in a digital format.

Amazon Echo Input

Amazon’s Echo Input adds Alexa to an external speaker. It can connect to a speaker with an audio cable or with Bluetooth. If your office has a speaker and you want to connect with Alexa, the Echo Input is an affordable ($34.99) way to do that. Amazon currently lists the price at a $20 discount as a Prime Day presale, so it can be purchased for just under $15.

While the Input likely won’t transform the way your small business operates, it’s an affordable option that can be put to use in any office setting, even if it’s just for playing music. [Interested in ? Check out this related article on our sister site, Business News Daily.]

Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon’s most popular smart speaker, the Echo Dot, checks in at $22 with an Amazon Prime Day presale deal. Small businesses can use the Echo Dot to play music or to ask Alexa questions. Whether a business is looking for a speaker to play music or a way to stay up to date on the headlines, the Echo Dot can help.

Much like the Echo Input, the Echo Dot’s price point makes it a reasonable purchase for small businesses. While it might not transform your business operations, it can certainly be used enough to justify the price.

Fellowes Corsivo Height Adjustable Standing Desk

As businesses become increasingly health-conscious, standing desks have become all the rage. This adjustable desk, which costs $249.99, can be used by anyone in the office and allows employees to stand while working. It’s easy to move around, which makes it easy to move from desk to desk if desired. This standing desk is also easy to assemble and built to last for years. [Interested in different ? Our sister site, Business News Daily, has some ideas.]

Norton 360 Premium

A small business can purchase Norton antivirus software for up to 10 devices. The price of $99.99 makes this an affordable option for small businesses. Cybersecurity has long been a concern for small businesses, so it’s important to protect your technology from cyberattacks. Spending roughly $100 to protect 10 devices from basic cyberattacks is a logical purchase.

Anker 60W Charger

This versatile charger can charge MacBook Pros, iPad Pros, several different types of iPhones and more. Priced at $39.99, it’s a good office addition, especially if your office primarily uses Macs. Having extra chargers on hand for laptops and phones is a nice convenience for an office space, and spending less than $50 for a valuable resource seems reasonable. The charger’s size is a bonus, as it’s smaller than most traditional chargers.

AmazonBasics Classic Computer Desk With Shelves

This desk, priced at $59.99, will be released on July 10. It’s best used in a small office or home office. The desk’s unique size and configuration also make it a valuable storage space within an office, especially given its two shelves. The shelves can be moved to either the right or left side of the desk. It’s a compact desk that could be a good addition to the home office of a remote worker.

Rocketbook Everlast Fusion

Priced at $37, this notebook may initially seem like an expensive option. Once you dig deeper, however, it becomes clear this product is a bargain given its many features. The notebook features 42 pages with seven page styles. Most importantly, the pages are reusable, and the purchase includes a microfiber cloth to wipe the pages clean after you write on them. If you’re big into writing down ideas or setting goals, this notebook is a good option for an affordable price. Small businesses may opt to purchase one journal for everyone on their team.

Crayola Take Note Colorful Writing Set

Depending on your business’s needs, you may want to take notes and put together detailed drawings using colored pens and markers. If you feel you might need an assortment of colors and writing utensils, this $19.99 package is worth considering. Buying one pack of these is easier than making a run to Staples for a variety of products, and the erasable highlighter is particularly popular.

Amazon Cloud Cam Security Camera

Also good for home use, this security camera is relatively inexpensive at $119.99 and a good option for businesses hoping to add a security measure to their organization. The camera works with Alexa, so if you don’t already have an Amazon Alexa device, you’ll need to buy it in addition to the camera. If you do have Alexa, the cost is fair, and the camera allows you to monitor what goes on at your business even when you aren’t there.

One interesting (and slightly creepy) feature of this camera is two-way audio. In theory, you could watch someone break into your business and tell them you see them through the two-way audio setup. Another notable feature is the detection ability of the camera. The Cloud Cam can detect specific sounds, like glass breaking, which can be helpful for knowing if and when someone is breaking into your business.

One of the best Dell laptops on the market, the Dell XPS 13 is a top item for Amazon Prime Day. With a limited supply left in stock, it may be tough to get one of these before the end of the event, but the laptop is worth the discounted price if you can get it. Coming in at $1,129, which is a $300 discount, the laptop is still significantly more expensive than other personal laptops, but it’s a tremendous option for business use. 

The computer includes a powerful processor, a sleek touchscreen and plenty of memory to store a large quantity of files. For just over $1,000, your business can gain a reliable laptop to help with business operations. The touchscreen capability can prove especially beneficial for some businesses. 

WD 1TB My Passport Go SSD Cobalt Portable External Storage

While its official title is a mouthful, this is Western Digital’s portable hard drive. It’s faster than most portable hard drives on the market, and the product works with both PCs and Macs. It’s built with reliability and dependability in mind, and the hard drive is a good option for any business looking for portable storage. 

Originally listed at $229.99, the hard drive is selling for $134.99. The signficant savings of $95 make now a good time to pull the trigger on this purchase. This portable hard drive is a great way to keep your online files safe by using it to store backup files. 

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