A Video Conferencing Guide to Vast Conference

Connecting and collaborating with colleagues, clients, and different departments are essential workplace requirements. And doing both well can significantly improve your office’s efficiency and productivity. Whether it’s streamlining daily operations, ensuring project deadlines are met promptly, delighting clients, or keeping the workplace culture exceptional, a masterful leader will tell you that the key to maintaining a successful and thriving work environment is communication.

Conferencing – hosting virtual meetings via phone, desktop, VoIP or mobile device – is the proven communication method for bringing people together easily. By incorporating conferencing into your business as a best practice, teams can reap multiple benefits. Employees can stay apprised of company developments and keep up with training. Co-workers can track the progress of tasks and collaborate on projects in real time. A top-notch video conference platform also enables face-to-face communication with vendors and clients, helping your business maintain its most important relationships.

If incorporating a video conferencing service seems like a daunting endeavor, especially for those businesses with established work routines, think again. Conferencing tools should be reliable, simple to use, and even easier to roll out, all while providing the features you need to meet, collaborate, and just simply get work done. One conferencing service offers all of the above. That service is Vast Conference.

What is Vast Conference?

Vast Conference is focused on providing businesses the highest-quality HD audio and video conferencing capabilities across the many meetings it takes to keep your workplace running effectively. This includes practical features and tools for hosting and presenting such as conference calling, video meetings with screen sharing and recording, and even a mobile app for conferencing on the go.

In designing the software, Vast Conference prioritizes ease of use so that meetings start and end on time. With its one-click-to-join feature, there are no PINs and nothing that meeting attendees need to download before a conference. Participants join the meeting frustration-free. For those using video, Vast thoughtfully incorporated a preview pane where participants can test their settings and double-check that they look their best before joining the video meeting.

Additionally, helpful tools like Vast Conference’s screen-sharing capability with built-in chat and file transfer enable team members to present key documents without having to open other programs or leave the conference. And the recording and transcription features mean you’ll never have to take hurried notes again. The entirety of the call or online presentation can be recorded, stored in the cloud and transcribed for later reference or reuse.

These are just some of the features that make Vast Conference an intuitive, user-friendly platform. Here’s a closer look at some of standout conferencing features.

Vast Conference features

Vast Conference offers many valuable tools through their software that are key to enhancing your conferencing experience, all accessible through a web browser-based platform.

  1. Conference calling
  1. Online meetings with video conferencing and screen sharing
  1. Mobile
  2. Additional features
  3. Operator-assisted events

Vast Conference is the clear conferencing choice for a modern business

Ease of use, accessibility, consistency and quality are the key criteria to consider when choosing a conferencing service. Taking advantage of a platform that offers key features – such as video conferencing, screen sharing, recording and a mobile app – will increase the communication, collaboration and productivity of any work environment. Investing in a service that offers dedicated tools and quality HD audio and video is worthwhile for any growing business or established industry to examine further. Vast Conference delivers this assurance along with all the tools a business needs to succeed.


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