Best Rugged Smartphone Cases for Android and iPhone

  1. Some of the top features to seek in a rugged smartphone case are waterproofing, warranties, multiple layers of protection and a matte finish.
  2. Some of the top rugged smartphone cases are the OtterBox and the Under Armor Gear Trooper.

Most cheap smartphone cases can shield your device from minor exposure to dirt, liquids and scratches. But for more extreme incidents – such as accidentally dropping your phone into water, or from several feet in the air (as is likely to happen on a construction site) – you’ll have to pay more for a case to keep your device intact. Here are the few case brands and companies that specialize in these kind of rugged protectors for you to consider.  


Features to look for in rugged iPhone cases

These are the features you should be searching for in a rugged iPhone case, according to Digital Trends.

  1. Waterproofing: One of the top features you should seek in a rugged iPhone case is waterproof technology. Whether your iPhone is waterproof or not, a rugged waterproof iPhone case can help protect your phone from water damage of all kinds.
  2. Multiple layers of protection: Another important feature of a rugged iPhone case is that it has multiple protective layers. This is the best way to ensure that your iPhone is safe and secure in any and all circumstances.
  3. Warranties: One very important feature is a warranty. Whether the warranty is good for a year or a decade, it is better than purchasing a case without one. If the phone case has a warranty, this means the manufacturer is confident in its product and it will more than likely keep your phone safe for the long haul.
  4. Matte finish: Another great feature of a rugged iPhone case is a matte finish. Although this may seem to be more of a cosmetic preference, a matte finish also makes a case more resistant to scratches, which enables it to still look new over time.
  5. Raised bezels: One excellent feature for any rugged iPhone case is a raised bezel. This allows you to keep your screen free of scratches and cracks, no matter where or how you set it down.
  6. Moderate weight: Although it may seem like you need a super heavy-duty phone case, this is not true. As long as it is properly constructed, you can get the same benefits without worrying about carrying around a hefty case that weighs you or your pockets down.

OtterBox Defender series, $69.90 

The OtterBox Defender has three layers of protection, including a screen protector. External covers block dirt and dust from getting into your smartphone’s ports. An optional kickstand can be clipped to the back to prop up your smartphone on a table. The Defender also comes in several color combinations, which include separate colors for the shell and slipcover. 

Under Armor Gear Trooper, $39.95 

Under Armor sells smartphone cases that meet military-grade drop-test standards. The Gear Trooper, for example, is a series for the higher-end iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phone models. It can also serve as a wallet – it flips open and has space inside to hold up to four credit cards.

LifeProof Fre, $89.99 

The LifeProof Fre clamps onto your iPhone or Android phone’s display to give it a watertight seal. The company claims that an iPhone encased in the Fre can withstand being dropped into 6.6 feet of water. It should also protect your smartphone when dropped from up to 6.6 feet. 

Griffin Technology Survivor Extreme, $39.99 

The Survivor Extreme consists of four layers of protection that include a screen protector. The company claims it can keep your iPhone undamaged from a 10-foot drop onto concrete. It has a belt clip on its back, which also serves as a stand to prop up the phone on a flat surface. 

Gear4 Platoon Drop Case, $39.99

If you are seeking an epic iPhone case that allows you to move as you wish without worrying about smashing your phone, the Gear4 Platoon Drop Case is an excellent option. Providing drop protection for up to 20 feet, according to Digital Trends, the Gear4 can save your phone even if you drop it from a second-floor window.

Incipio Aerolite, $39.98

With a scratch-resistant outer shell, the Incipio is a great phone case that comes in a variety of colors and styles. Highly shock-resistant, the Incipio can absorb the impact from drops of up to 11 feet. A great option for those who are seeking a stylish case with lots of protection, the Incipio also includes precise openings that make it easy to use wireless charging, Apple Pay and more.

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