Make the Most Out of Your Direct Mail Postcard

In this digital age, businesses are making a shift towards online marketing, making it very difficult for any business or organization to succeed. Whether it is through email marketing, social media ads, and online displays, companies are often depleting their marketing budget in an attempt to stand out. Without knowing, businesses often don’t seize this advantageous opportunity of utilizing direct mail. This solution has been in front of them this entire time, but the negative stigma can cloud the true opportunity of direct mail.

    It is very easy to overlook direct mail as a marketing strategy. Some of your competitors have dedicated their entire marketing budget online. Listen to the statistics and facts. Ignore the misconceptions and get ahead of the competition by starting your direct mail campaign today! 

    Produce an effective call to action

    You may be asking yourself, what is a call to action? A call to action is the main purpose behind your postcard direct mail, and it serves as an encouragement for potential customers to take an action that your company desires. These actions can be subscribing to your newsletter, purchasing your products/services, submitting personal information, and more.  To create an effective call to action strategy, follow these steps below. First, define the ultimate goal behind this postcard mailing. Are you trying to get potential customers to subscribe, purchase products/services, or collect information to add to your data? Once you understand the purpose behind your CTA, you are ready to continue.

    Second, provide the reasons why the recipients should act on this call to action. Whether it is a special offer, discount, giveaway, or free quote, these offerings provide value to the receivers of the postcard and incentivize them to act on your CTA. 

    Next, promote a sense of urgency. On a postcard, encouragements of responding quickly include adding keywords such as “Act today!” or “Call now!” or stating there is a limited quantity or expiration date on the offer. 

    Lastly, be simple and make it easy for your audience. Don’t hinder your efforts by complicating or overwhelming potential customers by flooding them with information. Your prospects will make an instant decision on whether to invest their time in your business. Know the important aspects of your company and make this clear.

    Use a targeted mailing list 

    Data drives almost every aspect of our lives, including direct mail. The foundation of every successful direct mail postcard campaign is dependent upon getting your message to the right audience. 

    Imagine two scenarios: first, sending your postcards to any random postal area near you, and, second, sending postcards to prospects that best mirror your current clients today. Which scenario do you think best boosted response rates and your return on investment? You guessed it, the second scenario did not waste any resources and money. It got your direct mail postcard directly in the hands of your audience and prospects. 

    Targeted mailing lists allow you to customize a mailing list that best works for you and your postcards. For instance, segment your customer mailing lists to a certain age, annual income, new parents, certain business industries, etc. Our customers in the past have utilized our business lists, consumer lists, mortgage lists, automotive lists and more to focus on their audience.

    Customize the postcard

    Capture the attention of the recipient through variable data printing. Also known as variable imaging or variable information printing, use the latest direct mail technology that will personalize each postcard to address prospects by their names, different graphics, texts, special offers, images, and more. Personalization is an effort to start a relationship with a prospective customer and, at the same time, maintain a relationship with current customers, it goes a long way.

    Make it memorable 

    One of the most powerful aspects of postcard direct mailing is the ability to make your customer feel special and valuable. There are ways for direct mail to add a special touch without making customers feel like one of the thousand recipients of your postcard mailing. 

    For instance, pen addressing mailer mimics handwritten addresses/mailings adding a human-aspect to the direct mail that is very appealing to recipients. 

    Another great example is Post-it note mailing, and this is when an eye-capturing Post-it note is placed on your postcard that has a quick message and could easily be removed and re-positioned on a fridge, computer or any surface, serving as a constant reminder for your prospects.

    Finally, the last example is the scratch-off mailer. This provides an irresistible interaction as everyone wants to discover what’s under that scratch-off. It could be a discount code, coupon, gift card, a call to action and more.


    Direct mail is far from dead. It continues to fly under the radar compared to other marketing channels, and this marketing opportunity should be used by any company or organization looking to expand its reach and achieve its marketing goals for the year.


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