What to Know When Creating TV Advertising

It seems that you finally have made the decision of advertising your product or service on television and are on the lookout for some insightful ideas regarding the same.

Firstly, you need to understand that the idea is quite a productive one, provided the initiation is perfect. Moreover, we, as marketers, need to understand that despite living in a digital era, televisions aren’t obsolete and still have a lot of significance when it comes to promoting awareness. Therefore, your idea of advertising on this electronic medium might just be the first step towards success as independent survey reports suggest that up to 80% of businesses improved the ROI by running perfect TV Ad campaigns, precisely by leveraging informational insights and adding the perfect CTA into the scheme of things. 

How effective is advertising on television?

Before we start strategizing the TV Ad campaign, it is necessary to understand how effective it is and what how the effectiveness quotient can be improved upon by getting rid of the impending roadblocks.

Television shouldn’t be considered as the most power-packed advertising medium as in this digital era, the internet and other digitized mediums are fast eating up a massive chunk of the existing audience-base. While television might help push the desired message out in the open, it might not reach millions in the present age as compared to the scenario, almost a decade back. However, despite its restricted functionality, television advertising should be included in the existing marketing mix, provided you have a great idea in place and there are necessary resources to refine and project the same.

However, before envisioning a successful TV marketing campaign, it is necessary to steer clear of the existing roadblocks that can limit the functionality of the same. The first issue that needs to be identified is that getting a primetime television spot isn’t the only thing necessary as individuals, courtesy of the DVR functionality, can now skip adverts and head over to the commercial content. The only solution, in this case, is to start the advertisement with a very interesting CTA which would compel the audience to sit through the ad. 

Another loophole that needs to be taken care of is the attention span of the customers or TV viewers in general. With the advent of other digital viewing options, modern-day audiences aren’t quite keen on watching the entire advertisement. While the TV ad campaign might have the ability to reach almost a million households, as a matter of fact only one percent of the same could actually be watching the content and the rest would just skip through or ignore.

That said, these hurdles can be crossed with ease if you have the tools, intellect, and intuitiveness to create the perfect TV Ad campaign.

How to develop the perfect TV ad campaign?

Needless to say, the perfect ad campaign for television needs to take care of several factors, including TV commercial costs, the popularity of existing TV ads, nooks and crannies of TV advertising, and more. While most of these facts and figures can be obtained upon researching the existing landscape, how much does it cost to advertise on TV is one factor that is completely region-specific.

So here are the steps or rather strategies that need to be followed in the given sequence for creating the perfect advertising campaign for televisions:

The big idea

The script

A productive TV ad campaign relies heavily on the script. While the idea matters the most, penning it down in the form of an actionable script is of paramount importance. One approach towards coming up with the best possible script is to take inspiration from similarly created adverts while keeping a close eye on the pacing, direction, and tonality of the pitch. Moreover, the script needs to be punchy enough with short and crisp lines added to keep the time frame on the lower side. Most importantly, the CTA needs to be discreetly portrayed by maintaining the utmost relevance.

The nature of the advertisement

Based on the premise of your idea, it is necessary to determine whether the advertisement would require a general outlook or professional actors pitching a certain product or service. The idea here is to put forth the demographic rather than including non-professionals into the scheme of things.

Include a production firm

For a commercial to look professional enough, it is necessary to make room for a production firm or rather individuals who can provide the same service quality. This aspect can be handled if an all-encompassing firm is involved that takes care of scripts, editing, and even the shooting aspect of the commercial.

Shot planning

While the production firm, if hired, can take care of the shots and other aspects of the shoot, you as the business owner need to be the final authority who finalizes the number and nature of the shots. The production company can do as directed but the entrepreneur is the one who understands the nature of his or her products or service and should plan accordingly.

The sync

In order to make room for the best commercial ever, you must take some additional time out to sync the produced video with the required audio. Besides time sync, the theme of both the productions must match to offer the best possible quality.

Time management

TV slots for commercials are time-bound and you need to squeeze in the entire snippet within the prescribed time limit for it to be approved. This is why you must be extra careful while shooting the ad in the first place.

Include the CTA

Every brand needs to incorporate a Call to Action into the scheme of things regardless of the message the service or product aims to perpetuate. Moreover, unlike the ad which might be an implied one, the CTA needs to be extremely targeted.


While all of the points mentioned in this discussion are important, finding the relevance to the medium is absolutely necessary. For example, a company talking about fire stick tricks and the options for getting the best streaming service right into their TV screens should prioritize TV advertising more than paper, radio, or any other platform. Similarly, the products and services pertaining to acoustics should consider radio advertising as the most prior medium for running campaigns.

Ad Scheduling

Last but not least, advertisements must be strategically scheduled for the most impact. That said, even the slot and channel placements are necessary to consider. For example, if you are looking to reach out to a wider audience base, choosing a 3 am slot wouldn’t be of much help even if the costs associated with this time frame are on the lower side. Similarly, if you are dealing with services and products of a particular nature, it is advisable to market products only on the relevant channels. 

Content creation for TV ads: Why it is a different genre altogether

Unlike a usual blog or a write-up, an advertisement script needs to be penned down with perfection while keeping the time frame, nature of the audience, and organic inclusion of the CTA into consideration. This is why content creation for TV ads is a completely different genre. Instead of reading, people would be enacting the entire script on video. Therefore, the entire script needs to be written as a visual storytelling experience in order to make the ad campaign a successful one.

The cost factor

When it comes to the cost factor associated with running advertisements on television channels, the major determinants are the slot timings, ad frequency, time frame of the advert, channel of choice, and a host of other tertiary factors. However, for an advertising campaign to succeed, it is necessary to get the most value out of a slot while keeping the ad duration to a minimum. As mentioned previously, the slot and channel of preference are also necessary for promoting the advertisement in the best possible manner. 


Needless to say, television advertisements are everything but cheap and proper care needs to be taken regarding the quality of the campaign for getting the most out of the bucks spent towards the same. However, if you have made up your mind and persisting with television advertising, the mentioned ideas can certainly come in handy in regard to skyrocketing the quality and productivity of the campaign, in a functional and rewarding manner.

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