4 Ways to Build a Great Team

Your team can either be your greatest source of leverage to grow your business or your greatest source of frustration.

If you’ve ever felt like:

    Then, it’s likely that you’re stuck, frustrated and wondering how you’ll be able to move beyond being a full-time manager so you can enjoy the things that got you into entrepreneurship to begin with – the freedom and growth that business can provide. 

    At 2X, we’ve helped six and seven-figure businesses across over a dozen industries build world-class teams, and now I want to share the four pillars with you.

    Done right, your business won’t rely so much on you (the business owner) to drive every decision and move the company forward, and you’ll be able to step out from working “in” the business so you can work “on” it and take the business to the next level. 

    If you want to change your life and business forever, master these four pillars. 

    1. Hiring

    There are many people out there that would be a great fit for your team. But here’s the one thing that many business owners don’t realize: You have to create a place, culture and opportunity that would make them want to stop what they’re doing and join you.

    Put yourself in the shoes of a potential hire and do what is going to attract top-notch people. 

    A-players know that they are valuable and in-demand, so why would they want to work for you over another organization?

    Make sure that your company culture is abundantly clear through your website, social media channels, job application, and any other content that is online. Remember, they are interviewing you as much as you are interviewing them.

    After you can answer that, then you need to go out and actually recruit them. Recruiting and hiring is a game-changing skill every business owner must master if they want to level up their team. Make hiring a strength for your company, and you’ll revolutionize your life and business in a hurry.

    Hiring action – get ahead

    If you aren’t ahead with hiring, then you are behind. And that leads to more stress and reactivity, which has a negative effect on your team. You don’t want to be stuck in a situation in which you have to hire someone. That puts you in a bad spot, forcing you to potentially settle for a bad hire.

    It takes time to find and hire amazing people, so the more that you can plan ahead, the more proactive and in control you can be with your team.

    This is game-changing not only for you but also for the entire company.

    Review your key hiring initiatives at least once a month, looking ahead at the next 3-6 months. We suggest having an organizational chart that you have right now, but then also what your organization chart looks like six months from now. 

    Have both of these and you’ll have more clarity and be able to not be reactive with your team. 

    2. Onboarding

    Hiring is important, but you also need a systemized onboarding that gets your new hires:

      You’ve heard of “hire slow, fire fast” before, right? You need to do this systematically, weeding out the ones that aren’t a great fit early. All while doing so in a way that doesn’t take too much of your, or other leaders’,  time. Remember, building a world-class Team is on you. It’s your responsibility.

      It’s so easy to blame the team, but as a leader, you have to take the responsibility to set them up for success and give them the proper systems and guidance to make their job easy. That’s a total shift from expecting a superhero to come in and save you.

      Having great onboarding that teaches your new hires all about your business, their role, the tools and resources, and more is one of our most important business systems of all to get right, so make it your responsibility to create this for your new hires, as well. 

      Set them up for success and you’ll be amazed at what they can do. 

      Block off two hours in the next week to create some training/systems or provide feedback to help some of your key employees improve. This feels like it’s not that important, but it’s vital. The right team can be your greatest source of leverage, so training and helping your team should be a part of your weekly to-do list. 

      Spending this time every week will have a compound effect on the team, and show you what’s possible when you consistently invest time in onboarding.

      3. Management 

      Most business owners are horrible managers. 

      It’s because they don’t have:

        Or simply enough time.

        You need to get some managers in place so there are others besides you who can make decisions that move the company forward. 

        Otherwise, you’ll have a team of soldiers all waiting to hear from you. And, without step-by-step hand-holding, they get stuck. Unfortunately, this is what most small businesses look like.

        You must lead the change in management culture in order for your team to take ownership of their responsibilities.

        Start with the right structure so there are levels in between you and the “front lines.” Then get the right person in that role who can completely own that function/department. And support them to fully own it.

        4. Development

        As alluded to earlier, you need to block off time (at least once per week) to focus on training and developing your team. 

        Since making this one of my top responsibilities at 2X, it has already had a massive impact on what we’ve been able to do up to this point and will be a major part of our growth in the future.

        You may think that you don’t have time for all this, but I suggest you make some time. This is a huge deal in helping your team go from good to great. Remember, your team is either your greatest source of leverage, or your biggest frustration that is holding your company back from growth.

        It’s on you to make it the former.

        The big takeaway here is that if you want to get out of the weeds, yes, you need great systems, but you also need to build a great team around you.

        Now, a few questions I want you to think about right now are… 

          Most people look at hiring and building a team as an overwhelming, painful project to complete. So they keep doing things themselves while staying on the six-figure hamster wheel. 

          For a while, it works out fine. But sooner or later, it inevitably happens. The stress, frustration and burnout. So take hiring seriously, and start making this one of your top responsibilities today. 

          The freedom, growth, impact, and income is on the other side of getting this right.  It’s not easy, but it’s so worth it to make it happen.


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