How to Improve Your ECommerce Site with Link Building

Link building revolves around increasing the search engine rankings of your website by increasing the amount of valuable inbound links to your webpages. It’s a marketing tactic that can help your e-commerce store catch more attention.

With users searching almost 5 billion Google queries a day, there’s definitely potential for your store to get the awareness and conversions you want. Link building takes time, because continuously curating quality content and gaining backlinks through popular sites don’t just happen overnight. You need to stick to it, and soon you’ll see the traffic spill in.

Let’s dive into a few different benefits your e-commerce business gets when you integrate link building into your growth strategy.

Establishes domain authority

If your e-commerce business is going to grow its audience, your website needs to improve its domain authority. This is a ranking score that Moz assigns to your site that determines how well it’ll rank in SERPs, and ranges from 1 to 100. The higher the score, the stronger your domain authority, the better results your website will receive.

Here are best practices for link building to establish domain authority:

  1. Create valuable, linkable content. If you’re producing thin content that gives nothing to readers or doesn’t teach them anything, it’s considered useless and Google will not like you for it.
  2. Optimize your internal linking strategy. An internal link is a hyperlink that directs to another webpage on the same domain, allowing users to explore more of your content and improve engagement. It also helps Google index the entirety of your site and showcases more of your valuable content to readers.
  3. Refrain from unnatural links. This can include purchasing links, linking to thin content, paid links, participating in link schemes and more bad practices. Only use natural links that add value.

Boosts visibility

When a link trails back to your website on an authoritative site, users are likely to click it because they already trust that site. They’re looking for relevant content, and clicking a hyperlink back to your site means boosted visibility.

Guest posting on leading websites in your industry is a surefire way to further your brand’s reach and increase visitors. Always produce high-quality content that is relevant to your niche and solves a problem. Regularly comment on other industry blog posts, offering insight or asking questions.

Create a resource page that can be used as a go-to for statistics, studies, and other valuable information users can cite for reference, which will grow your backlinks. These webpages garner significant shares and interactions because they provide evidence for other blogs and sites to use in their posts. When you’re citing references on your website, you also want to make sure they lead to trusted sources.

Builds brand authority

You want to be your target market’s go-to source for useful information and quality products. It’s important to establish your e-commerce site as the hub of grade A products in your industry so your business can continue to grow.

Link building ranks you higher in SERPs when Google sees that authoritative sites are providing your website with backlinks. With the right strategy, you can establish yourself as a thought leader and authority in your niche.

Forming connections with leaders in your industry always goes a long way in achieving business growth. There’s always something you can learn from your competitors, and doing so can set you up for valuable link building that grows your audience.

Earns credibility

The best way to achieve this is to give visitors something they’ll enjoy. Show visitors you care how they feel about your brand and you want them to give you a chance. Encourage them to sign up to your email list so they can receive a discount or coupon code on their first purchase. Create a newsletter offering them valuable insight, tips, or stories that will benefit them in their buyer journey.

Be active on social media, and search for your target audience’s questions and concerns. Visit question-and-answer sites like Quora and Reddit and respond to queries there to build a reputation as a thought leader in your industry. Guest post on blogs you admire so readers can discover your shop and its products.

If you want to see your e-commerce business get the attention and revenue it deserves, you need to integrate link building into your conversion strategy. Doing so helps you earn credibility when you need to build trust, build your brand authority to prove yourself in your industry, boost your visibility and get a high domain authority.

How will you use link building for your e-commerce site?

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